Information about our applications within the scope of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Guests,

Here, please find the necessary precautions and rules for Covid-19;

  • In our hotel, you can find masks, hand sanitizers, food sanitizer pools with TSE certificate in some certain areas.

  • On entering the hotel, we will measure your body temperature. Please inform us about your travels in the last 14 days and provide us with personal information. These information will be shared with our health partner in case of a need.  You will be provided with a document enlightening these issues.

  • During your stat, please follow the rules and instructions that are given to you while check-in. 

  • Before settling in your room, your luggages and bags will be disinfected with ULV sprayer.

  • Please pay attention to use masks and gloves in common areas. 

  • Our rooms are disinfected and prepared for you according to the high standards of hygiene. 

  • You are expected to follow the rules of social distancing in our restaurants and common areas.

  • In our hotel, all the installation and hardware (such as energy, hettiniz, ventilation, dishwashers, washing machines, elevators etc) are controlled and their maintanence is regularly made.

  • In our restaurants, lobby and foyer, the number of chairs and armchairs is reduced and they are replaced according to the rules of social distancing. 

  • Our staff have received the necessary education on hygiene, personal and common protection of health. 

  • Our staff who works on producing and serving food always wear the necessary equipments such as one-time gloves, masks, bonets and overshoes. 

  • In our open buffet, you will be served by one of staff so as to prevent any contact and to maintain high standards of hygiene. 

  • If you are a meeting group;

All our organization in the meeting rooms are made according to the rules of social distancing. The distance between tables are at least 1,5 mt. and between chairs it is at least 80 cm. All the necessary rules of hygiene and quality are followed according to the standards. 

  • Swimming pool, deck chairs and sitting areas are reorganized according to the rules of social distancing.

  • The equipments in the gym are reorganized according to the rules of social distancing. 

  • Our mini club will be held in open area and it is reorganized according to the rules of social distancing. 

  • In our mini club, there won’t be any toys or plays which are played by physical contact. 

  • The stores and hair dressers will be entered with masks only. You can find the allowed number of customers on the doors. For the hair dresser, please make a reservation beforehand. 

  • If you have fever, coughing or difficulty in breathing please contact us as soon as possible. We will contact the nearest health institution and we will do our best to bring you there. 


All these rules are necessary for your health as well as the health of our hotel staff. We appreciate you for following these rules and precautions. 


Emergency numbers: 

  • Fire Station                        110

  • AKS                                     110

  • Ambulance                         112

  • Police                                  155

  • Coast Guard                       158

  • Forest Fires                        177

  • Traffic                                  154

  • Çeşme Hospital                  712 07 77

  • Corona Consulting Line     184

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