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Turkish Bath The prize part of bath pleasure; let the cleaning and purification feeling of your body, sense of freshness gushing out of your body rise your soul to eternity. Steam Bath Say “hello” to the health purifying your skin. The joy you experience in this session is the same with the joy that you get in spring and from its reanimating power. Sauna A sauna session that you will take before Boyalık Spa rituals will prepare you for the massage and body care and will purify you of lactic acid and toxins, and loosen you muscles either they are stiff or aching. Your skin will be soft as silk and clean. Tepiderium A specially designed garden of peace with serenity, all the details that make you relaxed are considered in a dim lighted environment. Shock Bath It makes your body feels the polar cold after sauna session and you will balance your high body temperature. At the end of this shock bath, your blood circulation system will accelerate and your body resistance will increase. Jacuzzis With the company of restful odors and fruit cocktails, you will enjoy the pleasure hiding in the water circulated from sea water.

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